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"Backpack It" across the information super highway called life.

There is an outrages hyphened awesome tool I’ve been using called Backpack It. It’s an application aimed at making your life simpler by adding “check list” and file uploading to a “backpackit” page. It’s great for design because I can upload a shit ton of fonts and go hey client McClient what font do you like for your boring drab project. Is it Times New Roman or Arial Black? Everyone knows Arial Black is the right choice because that font is fucking primo but sometime you have to give the dumbass in the corporate office a choice. One packet of sugar in your coffee or a punch in the mid section…you know…choice.

Backpack It is also being utilized by the awesome Katrina who is centering her school around it. You can upload photos, assignment check list, links, articles, and take notes and have it organized on one page for anyone you want to access it. It’s great for projects as I’ve been finding out with OctoberHost.com. I’ve been keeping track of what I still need to get done for our live date of October 01st.

October 01st. Shit that’s like not even a hole Saved By The Bell marathon away. I better jump on it. Enough about Backpack It. Check it out for yourself at www.backpackit.com



If you have a MAC you can download an awesome widget for backpackit. God I love my MAC almost as much as I love Mark-Paul Gosselaar


Blogger monica said...

more like mario lopez, am i rite? yes, i am.
p.s. welcome to the club, biotch!

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