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Déjà vu…

It’s nice to see in the midst of the chaos of weather disasters we’ve been having a story of normalcy. You know things are getting better when the news is placating our desire to sexual objective women and lift men up as heroes.

First, I’m an asshole. I enjoy making jokes at the mall about the hot gimp with the big tits chatting on a cell phone. I’m not some kind of P.C. bandit, with that being said I still believe that some things do cross the line.

Déjà vu opened up this week again and offered $1.00 lap dances to the heroes of hurricane Katrina.

When the news says heroes all I seem to be able to hear is the word jocks. Because it doesn’t sound like heroes hang out in strip bars for no one buck lap dances. It seems to me as if heroes are out saving poor black people who are still living in toxic waist.

And how fucked up does your life have to be as a stripper to go downtown New Orleans after one of the worst natural disasters and shake that shaved pussy right in someone’s face.

If this was ever a sign that we have some major revaluing of priorities needed this would be it.

I know that some of my feminist friends may blame the “heroes” and I can see why. The heroes are the ones going to the strip club instead of saving people who need saving. That’s pretty fucking low if you ask me. I also know some of my more conservative friends will say it was a choice of free will and place the blame on the back of the “strippers”. But I say it’s neither, I blame the bible. Yeah, that bitch ass book really has done a number on our society.

When we have teachings that are honestly against women being taught as “moral” law how can we expect to move forward as a society. And before I get any hate letters let me tell you that I know the bible is not at fault for creating the concept of patriarchal society, but it sure in the hell helps enforce it.

So when there is no more internet, starbucks, and strap on devices and aliens come to our “know-bots”, robots that know everything, and ask what happen to our thriving society the “know-bot” will answer monotonically, “men need some entertainment.”

That’s right “know-bot”, men need entertainment even if it costs us everything.

You can find the full article about this by click here.


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Blogger Kat said...

Um, I guess those other comments are spam? Weird. So, I love you. That is all.

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaha, that's what you get for starting a blog... SPAM!!! Steal me a fucking computer this weekend, you dirty minority. (this is jon, the racist)

9:17 PM  
Blogger Kat said...

I just read the article, and it made my stomach feel all queesy.

1:30 PM  

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